Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disney Pin Trading p2 - 3

Since I was on a roll with this album for our trading pins, I continued on to page 2. This is going to be a seriously large album if I don't start doubling up on the photos of pin. We like pin trading. LOL! Again I am using the Echo Park Paper Photo Freedom system and for today's layout I chose the Echo Park "Happy Go Lucky" collection because of the cuteness and navy blue :) Seriously cute colors and three of these pins are faves of mine because they are from the resorts we have stayed in: All Star Movies, Pop Century, and Caribbean Beach Resort.

The awesome yellow damask washi tape is from the "Sweet Girl" collection


Kathy said...

You know I LOVE what you are doing here with your pins! Great way to use the PL system! But I suspect this is going to be ONE HEAVY album! Tee hee...can't wait to see more!

Tamera said...

So great! This Photo Freedom style is perfect for your pin collection. What fun, fun, fun! The paper is really happy and goes so well with your colorful pins. I love that you remember when you got each pin. I have a few pins, but I don't trade. I only buy pins that I like and I would be really upset if someone took one. Plus, I just can't stand wearing the lanyard around all day. I have tried it a couple if times and lost it once in the IHOP parking lot and then again at home. I didn't find it for over a year. :-P