Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cheapest lamp embellishment stand

Ok this may not be an ideal way to create an embellishment stand but I promise it's the cheapest. First I went to our community wide garage sale a couple of weeks ago and searched for a lamp that was tallish and thin. Next I looked for a good sized lampshade. I pulled the cord and bulb holder parts out and put the shade on top of the stand and then rigged it so that the fennial would stay on top. I spray painted the whole thing white and attached my embellishments with paperclips. Not that I had planned on the paperclips. Ideally I was going to get the nice clips from Joanns but I tried 2 JoAnns and neither had any. Michaels and Hob Lob don't carry them... so I had no choice. You know I am not a patient person so I would not be ordering online and waiting for them to get here. LOL!

I got the lamp for $4, the shade for $3, the Krylon paint was in the garage but I think they are usually about $4, and I found the paperclips in Dh's desk :). So yeah, I paid $7 total and this thing works pretty darn well. Figaro even slept next to it and did a little playing and it didn't fall over. Well, it hasn't fallen over yet.

Here are my photos along the way in case you want to give it a go.