Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Disney Pin Trading p1

What do you and your family collect? Most people I know have a few collections in their homes. Well when my dad and I found out about Disney Pin Trading at the parks, we knew we had to give it a try. I was a little nervous about going up to cast members and trading the first day but I explained to my son, who was 10 at the time, and he was out of the room the first morning and already trading with the Cast Member at our Disney Store in our resort! He was good at it too! He had his eyes on some Indiana Jones poster pins and ended up finding three of them during that trip.

My dad loved the idea but he was not going to be trading for himself so he would see a pin he liked and make me go trade for it. LOL! That last trip with him was really special to me. I am glad to have his pins in my collection now. Since we have been collecting since '02, we have alot of pins and alot of stories to tell about them. I haven't scrapped them til now though and I have forgotten most of the stories. Luckily I did take trip notes and some of the pin stories are in those notes.

I have decided that the best way to scrap soooo many pins is to use the Photo Freedom pages by Echo Park Paper. I will use a variety of papers and products, but I think the Photo Freedom pocket pages are the way to go. For my first page I had photos of our lanyards and a few pins. For non-pin traders, the lanyard holds the pins that you plan to be trading while you are in the park. I never wear my fave pins because even with good pin backs they will fall off. I lost a couple on our first trip because my camera is usually around my neck too.

On this first page I used BasicGrey papers from the "Fiction" and "Hey Boy" collections. The little flag and Flair Sticker are from the "Fact and Fiction" collection too.


Madeline said... these pages! Very cool how you photographed the lanyards as well as the pins. Nice that you remember the stories behind these too!

Kelly Quesnelle said...

Love this!

Kathy said...

Again, so very cool, Susan! Not only the pins, but the story! Already, I cannot remember which trip I bought my pins at, but as relatively new Disney visitors, I can take your idea and start now! Love your pages!

Tamera said...

I think the PF sstem is perfect for your pin trading pics! I love that you have stories for yours! I don't have any stories for the few pins I have and I'm not a trader at all. I would be very upset if someone took one of my pins. I only buy pins I really like.

How very special to have our dad's pins and lanyard too. Just priceless!