Monday, September 15, 2014

Astro Orbiter

First, I have to tell you guys that I borrowed the idea of the goodies around a circle on this page from a few other designers. I have seen several people do this sort of thing with mists, paint, stamps, embellishments, and stitching. Most recently I fell in love with THIS LAYOUT by the talented Kim Jeffress . I will totally be copying her Mickey shape at some point but for this layout, the circle was more appropriate.

I used the Thats My Boy collection by Echo Park Paper for its fantastic Disney colors.

To create the circle, I placed a plate on my layout and then unscrewed the nozzle on my mists and started dragging the tube part of the sprayers around the outside of the plate here and there, so I would have a nice circle.  Next I flung mist at the page with that same nozzle/tube piece for the splatter. ***COVER stuff - including yourself- before that kind of flinging. Trust me, I have alot of splatter on several pairs of pants LOL!

Next I machine straight stitched around the page and gathered some little cute things in the same color range to scatter around the circle. 

Now here is the funny part. I loved the way the page turned out but I remembered that I have other photos from this ride since my sister and I were both taking photos. I found some great ones that I totally need to include, so while this collection was on my desk I made another 2 pager to go with this! Stay tuned for me to post that tomorrow. :)


Madeline said...

Thanks for sharing how you actually created this! It sounds do-able...and I can't wait to try those mist rings myself!

Lyne Blodgett said...

Love the page and how you explained how you achieved the effect. Found your blog from your post on Echo Park Paper