Sunday, September 08, 2013

Beloved Lilac

"Beloved Lilac: Long on Curiosity, Short on Common Scents"

You just have to love the mind of a Disney imagineer. This page is for a challenge about the special scents at the parks and this is one of my faves. I was in the Haunted Mansion queue at Disneyland where you walk past the animal graveyard with all the cute pedestals and sayings and we were smelling a skunk. How could a skunk be in Disneyland? And just as I passed by the statue of Lilac and couldn't take a photo, I realized the scent was coming from there. How cool is that?! So I asked my friend, Tami, to get a photo for me next time she was at the park and she got this amazing photo with the most appropriate sun flair ever! Definitely needed its own page. (thanks Tami!)

I found these OLD BasicGrey Periphery papers and they are just the right look for my stinky skunk grave page - how often do you get to say that! LOL! I even pulled out an old library pocket from Autumn Leaves and used the BG alphas. I don't know about you but I have a ton of those old alpha sheets and I really need to start using them more. 


Tamera said...

I love this page!! So great! Still one of my favorite photos ever. Gotta love a little serendipity.
How did you make the flower? And did you detail cut the roses out of the paper?

Carrie said...

LOL! This is the most funny beautiful page. I have seen many of the effects at Disney parks but I had not seen this one til your layout. I will put this one on my list for next time. The papers are kind of eerie so I think this page is ideal for your photo.