Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's our tradition and it is pretty odd to see large guys skipping but it's my Daddy's fault. He always used to take us to DisneyWorld and Disneyland and he would skip to embarrass us. Well, he got my husband doing it when we all finally went in 2002. Now everytime we go, its our way of remembering him, and of course its good for embarrassing other members of our family.  This is my sister, my husband, and my son, trying to skip on Main Street  in the morning crowds. It's tradition. :)

I used lots of the new Sidewalks Collection from October Afternoon, including some of the miscellany and flower sack embellishments.  This is for Sketch #68 at SketchSavvy HERE

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fabric Paper

If you guys have seen the new stacks from DCWV, you were probably curious about the beautiful adhesive Fabric Paper Stacks. Imagine you had fabric that you added adhesive backing to and then put the sticker backing paper - so its like any adhesive paper but this is just fabric. So cool. Let me tell you what I did with this card. I cut squares of fabric paper, peeled the backing off and attached it to the card. It sticks really well so that would have been fine, but I wanted the quilted look and you know I have to stitch on everything. LOL! For the flowers, I wanted to cut them with my Cricut so I cut pieces of fabric and attached them to scraps of white cardstock first. Then I cut the flowers just like normal in the Cricut and they cut beautifully and the best part is that I could make a dimensional flower because the cardstock added stability to the soft fabric. My mom gave me some beautiful doilies this past weekend so when I added one to a card, I had to make it for her. Anyway, you guys are going to have to see this fabric in person because its really quite nice and can you imagine a whole layout with a quilted background like this! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reuseable Holiday tags (chalkboard paper -DCWV)

yeah, I am having fun with this stuff! I did that last layout with a black sheet of the chalkboard stack but there are like 6 colors in the NEW DCWV Chalkboard Stack - two blacks, green, burgundy, slate blue, and grey. So I thought what if I made Christmas gift tags that you could use for years!  I made them with the traditional school chalkboard green and some red DCWV glitter cardstock so they will go with both of my trees colors. The holiday paper is from last years DCWV Tis the Season stack. I stitched them so they will hold up longer, and I wrote the to: and from: in white gel pen so I could just wipe off the chalk names and change them each time. I certainly don't have a teacher's nice chalkboard handwriting, but I think these are fun and it doesn't matter about your handwriting.

 And for my friend (you know who you are!) who doesn't believe you can actually dust the chalk off nicely..... here is proof! LOL! Seriously, I just used my paper towel that my hot tea was sitting on and one swipe and its off .

Monday, October 24, 2011

The NEW Chalkboard Stack! by DCWV

You just have to see the New DCWV Chalkboard Stack!!! It's just the most fun new paper. If you like to doodle, you must have this stack. It has a slight texture and special surface that allows you to use chalk just like a chalkboard, but better because it wipes off very nicely. I have a couple of tips for using chalks on this paper though. If your chalk is new or has been handled alot, you will need to rough the end a bit before drawing. You could just scribble on a piece of paper, but I have a sanding block and it works fantastic and quick.

My first thought was "How cool! I can make something altered or a card with chalk, but in my scrapbook I don't want chalk that will dust off easily." Ok, not a problem, you can use lots of cool things on this. I like using watercolor pencils the best but I have many more colors in my watercolor crayons so that's what I used for my page today.  I think watercolor pencils would be better because you can do more detailed doodling. I also used the new Recollections "Midnight Magic" stack by DCWV since I was using Halloween photos. This is my black Halloween tree and wreath. My decorations are sort of themed with Nightmare before Christmas, so I drew Jack and Zero. The little orange frame is actually from the chipboard for the Animal Crackers collection from DCWV. 
Oh one more thing - If you use watercolor pencils, you can use a paper towel or qtip with water to erase if you mess up! I did it ALOT on this page. LOL! If you draw on papers with those you cant erase, but this is a really cool surface that doesn't get damaged with a bit of water. Give it a try!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Summer fun with "Peppermint"

Why not? I have these less than stellar photos from Blizzard Beach. The first time my husband and son went down Summit Plummet. The park is themed like a freak blizzard has hit central Florida in the summer. It's very snowy looking with an alpine ski resort atmosphere. I just got this cute Peppermint Collection from Crate Paper and I probably should have thought of Christmas photos. LOL! I just love the fun paper that looks like little tags and it was perfect for a little banner on top of a strip of chenile fabric. I sort of stitched it down, but if you look closely you can see a white pom pom trim piece too.***Thanks to Nancy for finally noticing I spelled the darn thing wrong! lol I have fixed it and will rephotograph today. See sometimes design takes over and things like spelling just go out the window. sheesh! sorry for the fail guys :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


We just love German Apfelstrudel and we have a favorite little bakery in New Braunfels, TX to get it for Christmas, but we also have a tradition of stopping for it in Epcot Germany when we are at DisneyWorld. I took this funny photo of my husband and son enjoying the yummy Apfelstrudel and vanilla sauce...mmmmmm! When I got the Crate Paper Farmhouse collection and saw the apples, I immediately thought of these photos. The stickers, die cuts, and chipboard elements are just so fun. I added a recipe in the pocket above, but it had to be printed on the front and back of the card so its not all that practical to use for actually baking but its a fun thing to have. And yes, I want to run to the store and buy the ingredients NOW. :)

...and puppy dog tails

This is a photo that I just love. Its my brother when he was 2 and he was not camera shy at all! I used the beautiful new "French Country" stack by DCWV for most of the page, but I did add a bit of brown tweed print from Michaels' Recollections "Regent Street" stack by DCWV. These French Country papers are just lovely designs and have the signature DCWV glossy glittery accents. This is for Sketch #67 at Sketch Savvy HERE The frame and mat cut files are also a freebie with Sketch #67 at SketchSavvy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're all mad here

I was planning to post this back on Oct 6th which was Mad Hatter day but life keeps getting in the way of me doing fun things! Don't you just hate that? Anyway, these are my little weirdos and I could have added a photo of my husband because he was just as goofy at this brunch. We were having a nice Mother's Day brunch at Moody Gardens in Galveston, but of course they were all acting like the Hatter, Hair, and Cheshire at a tea party! I had fun theming up the page a bit and using white on white for a bit of a mothers day brunch tone.

The papers are Echo Park and Simple Stories, the cool green trim is Pink Paislee, the teacup is cut using the Disney Classics cart, and the border punch is Martha Stewart.  Oh and the purple paper is vintage Basic Grey and then I embossed it and drybrushed white acrylic paint over the surface a bit.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Simple Halloween Banner

I just got the completely fun Midnight Magic Banner kit from Recollections by DCWV for Michaels. You would not believe how much stuff is in this kit! Seriously, I only used about 1/5th of the pack of goodies and I have lots left over that may end up on other decor items or on scrapbook pages because there are so many great die cuts and things in this pack. I used a piece of purple paper from last years DCWV Midnight Spell stack, because for my home decor I needed a bit of purple.(I have ceramic Halloween kitties on my mantle that have purple dots.) Anyway, the banner pieces and triangles are all pre-cut so I really put this together in no time. I did add black glitter to the spiders, I did some stitching, and then added eyelets where the ribbons tie the pieces together. I just needed something fairly quick because I just put up all of my decorations the other day. LOVE this collection and I can't wait to get the 12 x 12" Midnight Magic Stack :)