Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tech Savvy

Not ME! I am really good at asking dh to come help me with my computer. Savvy is more willing to help though. This is a photo of Savvy "helping" Chris when he was a kitten.

Yeah, I know - still haven't put away the Cosmo Cricket "Cogsmo". I just kept looking at that circut board looking paper and I wanted to do a computer related page. In this house, if I want a photo of anyone in my family, there will be a computer but I just had to use this one because he still does this only the keyboard gets pushed on the floor.

Alex left this little plastic bread tag on the counter today at lunch so rather than throw it away, it came upstairs with me, and got stuck to my page. :) The ruffle part is a self adhesive ribbon that was surprisingly sticky so it gathered up and stayed in place well.

Monday, June 29, 2009


yep, I mean you. Just a special thanks to all of you for all the sweet comments and wonderful ideas you leave as comments! :) I had my Cosmo Cricket "Cogsmo" papers out and I realized that the solid red, aqua and greens match the "early bird" collection quite well. Pretty cool and perfect for a card. If you look at the Whirling layout below, I used the red for the background but I didn't want to waste the paper so I cut the center out and only used the frame. I used part of the center for this card.

Have you ever created a card using the papers left on your desk after a layout? I used to do it all the time and I just have taken the time lately, but I will definately try to do it more often.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I took these photos of Alex and Perry when we were on Primeval Whirl. There is NO WAY to ride this without laughing histerically. The photos totally capture the fun of it. I love the little tag that says, "Warning: Fun Overload!" because it is so true and it's just a bonus that Cosmo Cricket's "Cogsmo" collection matches the colors of the ride so well. Isn't the robot dude the cutest?!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Super Simple Flowers!

I have had several requests to show how I made the little flowers on my Soakin' Up The Sun layout and my Kitten Spa layout. They are so fast and simple, so you can make coordinating flowers for any patterned paper.

I am showing an example using the "Umbrellas" paper from the Snorkel Collection by Cosmo Cricket because the circles are already on the paper and it was a great way to get all of those flowers cut for that layout.

1. Cut a circle using scalloped edge scissors. (Sidenote: if you have a scalloped circle punch or a scalloped circle in one of your die cut machines, that will work just great! I didn't want to use my cricut because I wanted each of these "umbrellas")

2. Cut inward from each scallop toward the center using straight edge scissors. Bend the tips of the petals upward. Could it be easier? Have fun!
**I inked the edges of these with black ink for definition and for the Kitten Spa page, I sanded the edges very carefully.

(CLICK to enlarge images)

Snorkeling fun!

I was having too much fun with my Cosmo Cricket "Snorkel" papers, so when I finished the framed design, I decided to cut a few more squares and make a layout. This is Alex doing a bit of shark and fishie watching at Shark's Reef in Typhoon Lagoon. I LOVE "swimming with the fishes" there but the water is painfully cold so after making one trip across, I got out and took a few photos of Alex and Brett as they went back around to go again. I love this shot of Alex because it makes you just want to get in there with him.

Here's the coolest thing about this page - do you see the letters that spell "alex"? well on the Snorkel sticker sheet they have letters that spell "relax" which is just Alex with an "r"! Cool Huh?! The title is cut from gold thick corduroy. Another fun thing is that I normally never buy the varigated colored embroidery floss but this one had such nice tones of blue and green that I had to have it, and it worked great with my splashes here. But don't splash in the Shark's Reef! It upsets the sharks.:)

Yes, this is the other half of my previous snorkeling page. I couldn't have possibly fit one more photo on the first page. I will add it here just for fun because I love the Mickey in his little matching swim trunks. LOL

Friday, June 26, 2009

Come Sail Away

Isn't this the perfect thing to see in a bathroom? lol Well, I did a quilted look for the holidays in this frame so I needed a Summer version. Eventually I hope to do all the seasons or holidays so I can just swap out the inside and have year round pretties. For this one I used Cosmo Cricket's "Snorkel" paper but I would have loved to be able to get my hands on some of their new "Snorkel" Fabric! I could have torn the squares and stitched them on or made a mini quilt! I haven't quilted in awhile but I could manage one this size! Oh, this is 11 x 14". I just drew the sailboat and water on the back of some black cardstock and cut it out.

Happy Campers

This is one of my favorite photos of the boys from the campout days when Alex was in Scouts. It was at the end of a weekend campout and we had a great time, but we were SO tired. I just had to use some of the cute Cosmo Cricket "Mr.Campy" with the stamps and Blackboard for this page. The wood grain stamp is fantastic and if you stamp it onto the blackboard using a clear embossing powder and then heat emboss, you can paint the piece with acrylic paint and just wipe off the paint over the clear embossing to reveal the black design. I did this for the oars and Mr.Tree. It looks great like that, but I added the sticker eyes to Mr.Tree and then added a thick coat of Glossy Accents with a bit of ultrafine glitter just to jazz it up. I love the enamel effect of it.

Savvy's Kitten

We got Figaro thinking he would be a perfect little lap cat for my husband. Yeah that lasted a couple of days and as it turns out, Figaro is Savvy's kitten now. Figaro LOVES his big cat and Savvy loves him most of the time too. I cant wait to see how their relationship ends up but for now, its pretty cute til the biting starts. I am so glad they are sleeping together.

I have a confession. I didn't buy the whole pad of Cosmo Cricket Everafter. What was I thinking? Well, I didn't have a grey kitten yet but I only bought about 10 sheets and I am about out now. Time to go back and get the stack and chipboard! :) And even this "wedding" collection had names on the sku strip that I couldn't resist for totally non wedding layouts. Some of you who are huge Cosmo fans might notice that there are a few non-everafter bits here. Well, I threw some Cosmo Cricket Gretel in there and its PERFECT - give it a try. Normally I save Gretel for my Epcot Germany or family pages but I found more at Hobby Lobby so now I get to spread it out a bit.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soakin' up the Sun!

But honestly, I would really really love some RAIN!!! We have had 100 degrees over and over and my lawn is NOT happy. This is the good kind of sun, though - the Sun Wheel at Disney's California Adventure. Recently this area of the park has been renovated and the beautiful Sun Wheel has now become Mickey's Fun Wheel. Its really cute now and looks just like an old Mickey cartoon beginning but I will miss the look of the beautiful golden yellow sunshine. This layout shows that even from the back, it was pretty.

I was surprised how well the Cosmo Cricket "Snorkel" worked with the colors in my evening photos. I love this color yellow and I am thinking that I need to pick up another pack of Snorkel since it matches so many Disney photos (and you know I have mountains of those).

Come re-visit some of my fave Cosmo Cricket goodies!

Since I would like to try out for the Cosmo Cricket Design Team, I just wanted to bring back a few of my very favorite Cosmo projects. And because I know you guys have some too - please leave me a comment and a link to some of your projects because I would love to see them too! :)

Definately my favorite project is my recent Rise and Shine Mini album using the yummy Early Bird Collection! Here is the cover but if you would like to see the whole album - here are the 3 links:
Part One, Part Two, and Part 3

And here is my sister at the LA Farmer's Market also using Cosmo Cricket "Early Bird". I love this page because of the look on my sisters face and how well the photos go with this product. I even used some of the little names of the papers from the sku strip, like "early bird" and "farmers market" because they are so perfect here. LOOK HERE for the close ups of this page.

But definately my most popular Cosmo Cricket creation is this adorable camper! I saw the wooden camper at Michaels and knew immediately that it was made for Cosmo Cricket's "Mr. Campy". I even had a couple of friends who rushed out and bought some campers and Mr.Campy to make one for themselves, because you KNOW that I am not parting with this one. I have to tell you that my kitten pulled one of the wheels off, but it is repaired now. For additional images and close ups - CLICK HERE.

DON'T forget to share your Cosmo Cricket projects with a link to your blog or gallery.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Key West

Oh this was a FUN project! The Last Serendipity Scrapper Standing Challenge for today was to create a layout using at least 3 household products that you don't normally put on your layouts. I am just playing along for fun but I had to give it a try.

You know I had to use my favorite - Starbucks cup holders for the title. I found a clothing tag that had a great palm on it so I decided to scrap these photos of my brother when he and my sister went to Key West. Then I made these fantastic coffee and tea flowers! They are made out of coffee filters and tea dye. The tutorial is below. You just have to try it because they are so great looking in real life. I took a couple of close ups to try to show you. I also added some crystally glitter (snow by martha stewart). I also used up some really old papers from my stash and even handmade paper that I have probably been holding onto for about 5 years! lol I even used the little tag from the tea bag in the lower right corner under the date

Coffee and Tea Flowers!

I have another cool Flower tutorial for you! I used these flowers on my Key West layout (HERE). This one is awesome because they look great and cost almost nothing because the supplies are found in your kitchen. All you need is a few white coffee filters, a tea bag (black teas work best), and some string. The tools I suggest are decorative edge scissors and your Cropadile.

1. Stack 3 - 4 coffee filters to cut at once. Cut a 1 x 2" stack and a 1 1/4 x 2 1/4" stack. I used the large scalloped edge scissors for the top and sides so that the flower would have rounded petals.

2. Stack the smaller pieces on top of the larger pieces with the lower straight edge together. Accordion fold from the end as shown.

3. Pinch together the straight edge end and punch a hole with your Cropadile so that you can tie this piece together with string. If you do not have a cropadile, you will need to puncture a hole with a large needle and use strong upholstry or quilters thread to attach the end. The coffee filters are thick and hard to get a needle thru - that's why I chose to use the cropadile. :)

4. Seperate the "petals" of the flower being careful not to tear them. If you want a white flower, you are finished. If you would like to have a golden tea stained flower, put a tea bag into about 2 tablespoons of hot water. The small amount of water makes the color stronger. Drip tea onto the flower and it will spread. If you want to dry it quickly, place the flowers onto a papertowel and microwave for 30 seconds.
* Of course any dyes, Shimmerz, or Glimmer mists will work for this depending on the look you are going for.

I would LOVE to see your flowers when you create them - please stop back by and share a link to your blog or galley!

I will post my layout using these flowers next!

A fun sketch for today!

I did this sketch for Serendipity Scrapbooks and I wanted to share it with all of you guys too. I love the photo and layout so it had to become a sketch. To me it's just a fun summery design.

***as always - click the images for a larger view

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

July "I deserve it all" Kit Sneak Peek

Hey guys - just wait til you see the July kit that I get to work with for Serendipity Scrapbooks! Tons of great products from Websters Pages, Graphic 45, and Jenni Bowlin! Here are a couple of little sneak peeks from 2 of my layouts. Come back on July 1st to see all of the layouts. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Kidz play 2

I love the way this tiny little boy is looking at Brett in this "spider web" at Honey, I shrunk the kids playground" at MGM Studios. It's just a really cool playground and I really wanted a photo of the boys on the giant ant because I got a shot of Alex and Chris on it in 2002, but it was just too crowded. This layout is for the Last Serendipity Scrapper Standing challenge #3. I am playing along for fun. I chose to use the color palette "and and Sun" and the papers are K&Co.

Friday, June 19, 2009


This layout is a Scraplift from an adorable kitten layout Mandy just created - SEE IT HERE! Well mine is not as cute, its more silly but I had this great shot of Noel when she was begging me to take her outside. She can not go out because we do not let our kitties out except for a minute on the patio and she doesn't get that we do not eat grass! I used Tiffany by We R Memory Keepers for this page.

as requested

A couple of people have requested to see this layout again so I thought I would post it here. I created this layout using Archaic papers, chipboard and stamps by Basic Grey and it was featured in one of their newsletters so I had removed it from my blog and galleries, but I forgot to put it back. This is my son's favorite layout and also one of my favorites. We seriously did not plan this, I didn't see it until we got home.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kitten Spa

Figaro was NOT happy with the bath part, but he kind of liked the toweling out on the warm patio once he got used to it. The papers are "Perhaps" by Basic Grey and one piece of embossed paper from DCWV, and the felt birdies are K&Co

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cat Grooming

Serendipity Scrapbooks is having a Last Serendipity Scrapper Standing Contest and although I can't really enter, I have decided to play along with as many of the challenges as possible. Check out the contest HERE!

This is my layout for Challenge #1
I used some great papers from the Garden Party Stack by DCWV