Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2nd Ride on Tower of Terror *NEW Echo Park Note to Self*

First let me just say that I do not need to wait in a queue for 2 hours so that I can go up an elevator and be dropped. LOL!!! At least that was my opinion on our past 3 DisneyWorld vacations... but the more my guys have talked about their adventures on the Tower of Terror and even in the queue, I think I am going to have to be brave and ride it next time. It's the only ride that I skip. Wait - not true - I don't ride the teacups! Way too scary.

 This super fun layout is all Echo Park's NEW Note to Self Collection and it was surprisingly perfect for a Tower of Terror layout. I love all the numbers because of course you never know how many floors you are going to drop in that crazy ride. Luckily the alpha sheet has alot of alphas because my title alone used 4 capital "R"s. You have to love the alpha sheet and sticker elements that come in the Echo Park packs, right? I cut out a couple of the journaling cards, tickets, and an arrow from the patterned papers. I have decided one pack of this paper is not enough for me. I can tell I am going to need more of certain things. I have already ordered more individual sheets, just in case I cant find the pack. I am thinking there will be lots of layouts in my future that NEED a view master circle on them. :) So if you didn't click on the name of the collection to go see the pack... do it now. It's cool stuff.

 So yeah, this is my dh and two of our son's on Fathers Day. It was our second trip to MGM that week and they could not wait to ride Tower of Terror for a second time, so they are all posing outside the gates with two fingers up. And in case you don't have boys, one of my son's is wearing his Indiana Jones hat and the other a Jedi robe from shopping on our first day in the park. It was sooo fun.  

Today's question: Do you ride the Tower of Terror? and are there any rides at Disney that you haven't been brave enough to try yet?



Cindy said...

No I don't ride TofT or RnRRC. I have tired them both 2x just in case. I rode ToT with my son who appeared so scared I was worried about him the whole time. Maybe that was it. RnR was ok once and made me sick another. I was told being in the back was why.
Oh and no teacups or anything spinning like that.
Will I read any of them again, who knows!
Love your layout and Note to Self. Will have to get it, if only for the name!

Fluffy said...

I would love to ride on the Tower of Terror! I don't do rides that go round and round as they make me sick tho. I have these papers and will get to play with them next week! Love all the details on this layout! Tx

Wendy said...

I love ToT and RnRRC!!! those are 2 of my most favorite rides!!! Also California Screamin'. The only ride I'm afraid of is the Mission to Mars one where it spins. I've been on the non-spinning side. I'm afraid they'd have to wipe down the ride if I went on the spinning side. I don't do spinning well. Yet I do love Primeval Whirl in Dinoland. :D Great layout! Thanks for the question at the end!

Emily C said...

I love this. The papers are so yummy. I think I need the collection too.

Yes I ride ToT even though I HATE it. My hubby doesnt ride anything faster then Dumbo so I get to take the boys on the "big kid" rides. I dont like the feeling of free falling but I do it so Trey doesnt have to ride alone. The only ride I dont go on is Dinosaur. I dont like things jumping out at me. Thank goodness its hubby's favorite ride.

Kirsteen said...

Love your layout Susan. I've never rode TOT either, it is on my todo list but I always chicken out! Kx

Beth said...

Haha! I'm the only one in my family who WILL ride TOT!! I don't think there are any rides I won't try at least once!

LOVE this collection...I missed getting it at Archiver's when they first got it and am now on the waiting list for their next shipment. Can't wait to get it and play!

blupixy said...

Love your layout! Can't wait to see what else you make using this collection!

The only ride I wouldn't go on was the one in California Adventure that is a free fall and has the barf shields. I can't remember the name of it and I don't see it on the online map. Did they get rid of it?

Michelle said...

Awesome page!!! I love the numbers down the left side! The view master reel is perfect. I have been to DW twice, and am preparing for a 3rd in June. I will not ride anything that is super fast (no roller coasters or rides that go upside down), no spinning rides like the tea cups (they make me sick) and definitely no Tower of Terror. My stomach can't handle any of those. Basically, ever since my brother got the ride at Como Zoo spinning way before the ride even started then had to keep going the during of the ride, I haven't been able to do many rides since. I don't like heights either.

Tamera said...

Totally love the numbers used in the title and you had some seriously tough colors to deal with in that picture but this paper pulls them together so perfectly!! We can barely make it through that ride once, much less twice!

And Bluepixy, it was called Mulholland Madness and yes, thankfully it was gone. :-D But I still can't believe I let you talk me into riding HTH the last time we were there.