Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Folded Paper Flowers

I love making my own flowers. Accordion folded paper flowers add dimension to your projects. They are a simple way to use up some of those paper scraps too!**Click HERE to see this flower on a finished layout.** You can make a simple circle shape to use in a design or create flower petals. Follow these steps to create your own flowers. The pattern can be used in any size but for my example, the size is about 1 ¼”.

1. Begin by using this pattern to cut out the petal shapes and use the lines for scoring and folding. You can use a tiny shaped scissors like the scallop that I use or postage stamp edge, the larger shaped edges dont work as well for the small flowers. I have used thinner papers and also cardstock weight papers for this technique. I like a bit more weight but its harder to fold. Its easiest to score your fold lines if you place the petals or paper strip on a piece of chipboard.

2. Create 5 or 6 petals to complete your flower. Assemble the flower on a small scrap of paper for the base. You can use glue dots but I have found that I like hot glue the best. Its faster and it wont move.

3. For the second layer, cut a long strip of paper and accordion fold. The length of the paper, width, and fold size depends on how thick you want it to be on your scrapbook page and what size flower you would like to make. I keep my folds between 1/8 - 1/4". Attach the ends of your strip together in a circle and flatten onto the page or onto the flower shape. I use a staple to attach the ends of the strip because it pulls apart easily.

For the example I have attached the flower with a small silk flower and brad in the center, but beads, buttons and other things work just as well.

Have fun and be sure to share your results with me!

Here are the step by step images and finished pieces.


Laurie Zeller said...

I'm all over this! Thanks for the tutorial!

Tamera said...

Another fabulous tutorial!! I just love them and share them with friends whenever I can. I'll post a link soon to the shiny chipboard letters I made from your last tutorial. Now I have to figure out a page for these accordion fold flowers. Thanks so much for the inspiration Susan!!!